Opening hours in OSM

Do you know this service from user dotevo?!19/49.59315/11.00382/type=all/mon=place_all/office=office_all/craft=craft_all/store=store_all/

Yellow colour means: this shop (or whatever else) is opened only the next hour.

It seems like most POI here don’t have the necessary data. I see the app allows dropping OSM notes. Maybe mobile app that would allow data entry would be useful.

  1. got new cathegories. Especially important is (in my point of viev) cathegory health and tourism.
    Mobile App with probably this function shoud be soon keypad mapper 4.
    Rencently avaiable: doesn´t allow all functions.

I see you are app developer. It would be great to have such app for opening hours collection.
If I see right:
there is no app recently for this reason…

I also found this

Wow, nice!
I did not know this, thank you!

This service shows opening hours (pray times) in places of worship:!14/27.6845/85.3140/type=buddhist/christ=place_all/