Openfietsmap Lite appearance

First of all thanks for the awesome work done with OpenStreetMap.
I have a garmin Etrex 30X on which I have been trying several maps. Since I will be mostly cycling I decided to stay with openfietsmaps (with the hope of better auto routing), but I find the appearance not as good as Garmin City Navigator Iberia 2019 or Garmin TopoActive Europe or even the OpenStreetMap “Generic Routable (new style)” from .
Is there any way to make it look like the ones mentioned? I read about .typ files but couldn’t quite understand where do I get them and how to make them work.
Thanks in advance.

It is a lot of work, but it is possible by editing the typ file, see

Thanks. I found this site and here I can configure the “looks”, will the data and routing be similar to openfietsmap lite?

Data is with every osm map the same, but routing will be different, unless you select the openfietsmaps which of course have the same looks so that will not help

Thanks for your explanation. I am kind of new to this world.
Is there anyway to have the openfietslite routing with another look (Garmin OSM)? And if so how to do it.

With Mapsource you can transfer OSM maps without the routing data to your device.
Unable the include route calculation data when sending it to your device:

Then you have to make sure the OSM map has a higher draw priority than the OFM. To do this you need to install gmaptool.
See the picture on, fill 21 in the field “set draw priority” (the OFM and the OSM Generic New Style both have 20 as draw priority).

On your device, make both maps active. If everything works well, the underlying OFM will take care of the routing but will be invisible.
The routing of the OSM map is removed so it will not mess up with the OFM.