Openfietsmap latest update cycle routes missing?

It looks like cycle routes previously defined that are shown on street signs are missing from latest release? Eg my area Cardiff Wales

Which routes are you missing and which map version are you exactly using?
On the Openfietsmap Europe from March 16, 2020 I don’t see this issue

Thanks for quick response. E.g. Main cycle routes are defined but not cycle designated roads. White Barn Road, Thornhill, Cardiff is designated on openstreetmap for cycles but not now marked on latest release . This is just one example.

White Barn Road is mapped with bicycle=designated so it does have a red outline to it:

They are not rendered with blue dashed lines because it is not mapped in a cycle route relation. If it should, you should correct it in OSM.
I see it was mapped by you more than three years ago
so I really doubt it was rendered in previous releases in a different way.

Thanks. I have the definite recollection of seeing past openfietsmap releases with the road rendered with an overlay (that I could identify) as cycleable. I know it is not a named cycle route as far as I know. Something is different!!
You say red outline? I know am red/green colour blind but I don’t see it? I have looked on my gps version and there is nothing that I can see which distinguishes White Barn Road from adjacent roads? Apologies my partner Christine says it has a red outline!
Surely there has been a change in the rendering policy? Surely in Openfietsmap we want to see cycleable routes (ie routes with cycle signs) (“or otherwise signed”!!!) clearly identified with a distinctive overlay ie blue dashed line?

Nope, it has been many years like this, maybe you have seen another map or have used a track or route.

Thanks again. There has been a change. How do you interpret “or otherwise signed” in the definition of cycle route? This is a ‘signed’ cycle route on a residential road that has not got a number or name so I believe that surely Garmin cyclists would want to see clearly on their GPS devices. Should I create a cycle route relation e.g. ‘local cycle route’?

Depends what “signed” means. Is it a specific route from A to B? Are there signposts or symbols representing a bicycle icon or something like that? Maybe it helps if you can post a photo here.

With reference to White Barn Road Cardiff. Attach photos at both ends of road. There is a similar cycle sign half way along. Hope links work.

Your view as to how this road should be described will very helpful.

The reason for me raising this issue maybe is due to an edit executed by ‘Jay245’ 3 months ago which deleted the Thornhill Cardiff ‘north cardiff community route’ cycle route relation as ‘obsolete’. Not sure why. I believe the cycle route was called this in the past and still fully exists but not aware a new name has been found. Sorry for the confusion.

Please do not link to images in your mail account, that is not working. Try google photos or post it on sites like
Maybe contact the mapper who deleted that route. I’m pretty sure that bike route relation was what you saw on my map and now it makes more sense because it was removed recently.

Have sent message to the mapper

I doubt if that should mapped as bike route. The first photo you can tag only the section between the bollards as path with bicycle=designated and foot=designated. About the second photo I’m not sure how long that route is signposted with those symbols.
Maybe only bicycle=designated is enough if it applies only to that street. If it is a longer route through a district to indicate a route for safe cycling, one could put those streets into a local bike route relation. Maybe with a note=“north cardiff community route” instead of a name?