Open streetmaps and hammerhead/


i made some changes to openstreetmaps, it shows up in openstreet maps, but it doesn’t show up in
Any ideas on how long the changes take to update? as it seems my hammer head devices gps works off a similar map as
I can see the changes i make in hammer head, but the actual pathing is the same as paths in

location is bowen terrace and malt street, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. The cycle path connects onto the road and you can go up Malt street, but because this hasn’t been added properly into openstreetmaps its not pathing correctly

Each project is different as to when and how they pull data from OpenStreetMap, so you will need to contact the opencyclemap people to see how often they do it.

Note the routing data may be separate to the map images that it actually shows. And the routing may be updated at a different time.

OpenCycleMap usually updates within a few days, but sometimes takes longer. See does not contain any routing data. So if your device is showing maps from there, it must be getting the routing from some other source.

Oooh, finally someone took an effort to improve Park City trails. I did a lot of work on that some time ago, but all the area need major update. What is badly needed is marking all the trails properly as relations. Do you know of reliable source for mapping named trails in this region?