Open Labs GeoPortal


Open Labs (hackersapce located in Tirana) launched in February the GeoPortal.

Open Labs signed an agreement with the Municipality of Tirana to get official data (roads, buildings, public transport, …) so we can use those data to improve the OpenStreetMap data in Tirana.
The goal of this GeoPortal is to enable people to easily use those data in iD editor or JOSM to map in Tirana and around.

Here is the blog post about the GeoPortal :

And the link of the GeoPortal (and instructions on how to use it) :

The Open Labs Geoportal is now available by default in iD Editor and JOSM background settings. \o/

If you want to know more about the geoportal, join my talk about it on Saturday 19 May at the Pyramid in Tirana during OSCAL’18 : :slight_smile: is offline since more than a week and therefore the imagery backgrounds don’t work anymore. Anyone has more information about this?

The geoportal website is now up, sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the fix.