"open in new tab" doesn't work as expected

Usually, when replying to a help question I’ll start composing an answer I’ll need to browser other answers to read and perhaps copy and paste from them.

I just tried doing that now when replying to https://community.openstreetmap.org/t/categories-vs-topics-for-help-and-support/939/6 and my open reply “followed” me to that tab. Oddly, when creating a new topic (here) it didn’t.

I think that’s because discourse saves a draft of your current reply and the editor is displayed even if you move around, in fact, you don’t need to open a new tab. You can browse and search for other topics and the reply editor will be there for you.

you don’t need to open a new tab

That’s not an answer to the question though, is it? If the answer is “no, Discourse does not have that capability” please just say that rather than suggesting that I was wrong for asking the question in the first place.

Nobody is wrong asking anything here, as I commented, my understanding is that’s a Discourse behavior, maintaining the editor with your draft opened even if you access the site from other tab.

I haven’t found an option to disable it.

@ SomeoneElse

Actually I am working in the same way, opening 2 ore more tabs from time to time specially when referring to some old topics. Although nukeadors hint is quite right (moving from one topic to another one within the same tab is possible with the editor window remaining active) but this is not the same as it does not give you the same overview and comfort.

I experienced the same problem you described but this acutally happens only in case I open the very same topic in another tab once again. If I open another topic the editor will not pop up there.

If you open the very same topic twice you can even remove the editor window in the second tab by just quitting (without save), which does not affect the editor in the first tab. At least that is how it works in my browser.