Open Historical Street Map

I’m in a university project called “open historical street map” where we want to establish a local map (for the beginning) where anybody can view and edit in the past.

What would the better or best “query” of getting the map of the right time from the database with the start_- and end_date tags?

I think to make a VIEW over the postgres-historic data with it’s view-settings to show only that data that is relevant for the specific time. Or is it possible to set mapnik that it can query time-tags itself?

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Can you give us a concrete example about your special aims?

Do you want to use OSM data that was added in a certaim time limit, like "how did the map look like in 2005?

Or do you want to dispülay map objects how they were present long time ago like last century?

We want to travel decades back, yes. So that the database contains objects and points of interest, which are not seen in the present anymore.

Let’s say for the beginning we want to view the Alexanderplatz in Berlin on 1850, 1900 and 1950 for example and we have different objects there with these date-tags. What would be a good “query” - database View, mapnik setting, something else?

I read that the OSM community is aware of historical objects, but it is more focused on present mapping. We would work on to establish a further or adapted database for historical data and rendering/mapping-services.


Indeed the OSM database should contain only objects that are present in real time.

So If you want to build up a database with objects that exist no more, but were present long time ago, I really recommend to use a second own database.

MAYBE here is a solution about a second database:

Does that come near your aims?

found even more: and