Open GPX files locally within given coordinates

Hello all,

I have accumulated quite a few gpx files, but I am only able to open about about 2.5% into JOSM at any one time before my computer runs out of memory. I used to just print screen blocks of data and overlay to get renders of the gpx data, but I would now need to do that 40 times to look at all my data in a given area, so in short I am no longer able to view all data, or all data in a given area exclusively from my research. This is particularly problematic when I need some gpx data which I know the coordinates of, but not the exact file.

If I download online gpx data I can download the selected area only, however it contains all gpx data from all OSM users. I would like to open either only my own gpx data online, or only my own offline gpx data in a given area (Red square in the image for example), or batch crop a copy of my gpx files and open them into JOSM (other software?). The separation of layers isn’t required, so it can all result in one gpx layer.

Is there any way of doing this either in JOSM or using any other software people know of?



Hey Guys,

Any chance people can share there knowledge on the above question please? If there is nothing them I’ll take this forward as a JOSM request.


Hello, I think I understand what you’re asking. You want to display only your gpx traces in JOSM for a particular area.

All of your gpx traces have to be uploaded to OSM.
Click the download button to “Download map data from the OSM server”.
Tick the box to download “Raw GPS data”.
Draw your RED square for the area you want.
Click download.
(All uploaded gpx data is down loaded yours and other mappers)
Right click on the layer “Downloaded GPX layer”.
Then select/click “Chose visible tracks”.
In the box all the gpx traces are at first highlighted, click in the box to deselect all of them.
Next just select all the tracks you want to be displayed (Ctrl+click). (You have to expand the URL column to see which traces have your user name.)
When all traces that you wish to be displayed are highlighted click “Show selected only”.

If I understand correctly the above should work, please ask if my explanation is not clear or my understanding is wrong.

Hi BCNorwich,

Thanks for taking a look at this and your step by step. In regards to ‘time’ this is a good way of filtering all, however per user this doesn’t seem possible. (Also, to note on older data it appears to have data grouped into large time blocks with anonymity) I’ll try to simplify what I would like to achieve:

  • Display all ‘My’ routes only AND
  • Display all ‘My’ routes within a specified area only

If I download from OSM from my uploaded tracks the following happens:

  • It does display routes within a specified area AND
  • It displays all ‘Users’ routes (although I can manually pick and choose from the above method)

If I open files from my computer the following happens:

  • It does display ‘My’ routes only (presuming that’s what I choose to open) AND
  • It displays the entire route/s and doesn’t display only within a specified area

If it’s not possible to do this then possible solutions would be either:

  • expand the options in the ‘choose visible tracks’ settings to filter by user by selecting from a tick list, which is indexed from all available names in range.
  • Have a ‘crop’ tool for gpx data
  • Have an option to open gpx files locally and crop and merge on import into a data layer (similar to how downloaded data appears, which would allow the same 'Choose visible tracks" options.
  • Simply open large amounts of gpx files and ‘bake’ them into a flat image layer at x zoom level with data lost, but allowing for less memory intensive user. (could save in the form of local tiles which update when checking the server)