Open GPS Tracker gpx files fail to display in Potlatch

I have been attempting to capture data to use to update OSM on my android phone.

Tracks captured from the app “OSMTracker” display OK in Potlatch.

Ones captured using “Open GPS Tracker” don’t.
However these tracks are uploaded successfully and appear to be recognised on the “Your GPS Traces” pages. (It draws the shape.)

I would prefer to use the second app for functionality reasons but as I can’t see the traces in Potlatch it is of no use for adding data.

Can anyone advise please.



You’ll have to supply a link to such a track for anyone to help, I suspect.

Link to track which doesn’t display:

Hope this helps


All of your traces seem to be set as private, so no one else is able to view them.

OK traces have been recategorised as “identifiable”. (Hopefully others can now view!)