Open data in ArcGIS Hub

How to determine it is really the open data on the ArcGIS Hub, though I assume the ArcGIS Hub is the platfotm of the open data, espeially when a specific particalur one of the datasets it has no own licensing attributions.

“open data” does not necessarily mean compatible with ODbL, it may simply mean the publice is allowed to look at the data. If no license is stated, I would inquire with the data owner as to what the license is to be on the safe side.


All of the click through web pages for the data sources listed on that page had a “license” field that either had a link to the license or an instruction to contact the data owner. The licenses that did exist seemed to be short. Some seemed obviously suitable for use in OSM, others obviously not and most seemed somewhat ambiguous whether they were suitable for use in OSM. As @tekim noted, I would tend to favor finding and contacting the data owners to confirm if the license is suitable for inclusion in OSM

The “license” metadata associated with an ArcGIS layer is often just a disclaimer of warranty, which leaves the actual copyright situation unresolved from OSM’s perspective. You may often need to contact the government agency that published the layer for a more definitive answer.

In addition to taking that step, I recommend doing some homework about the agency. Their website can often give a sense of whether they still treat their GIS layers as a profit center, which deceases your odds of a favorable response. For those that don’t, you could try rummaging through the agency’s RfPs and RfQs for the one that led to the contract to gather an aerial imagery layer or LiDAR-based building footprints layer. You might find a statement explicitly putting the data in the public domain.

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There are unlike Wikipedia Commons that mandated for all files updated to tagging adqauate licenses, and only free licenses allows content free to distrub, modify, remix, commerical use are used. Non free content not allow on Wikipedia Commons.

The Arcgis Hub sites designed like many sites about opendata, so I once misleaded to think arcgis is “open data versions of Wikipedia Commons”, especially no own license tag, some user may misunderstanding as “default” license of open data