Open Cycle Map - in which apps is it embeded?

Dear Open Street Mappers,

I’ve been a user of the Viewranger navigation app for many years. For me, one of it best features is the availability of OpenCycleMap as a map option. Sadly, Viewranger is about to face its demise, to be taken over by ‘OutdoorActive’. OutdoorActive has OpenStreetMap as an option but not OpenCycleMap. I’ve loaded up a number of alternative navigation apps but so far I’ve found none that offer OpenCycleMap (although a few offer OpenStreetMap).

Does anyone know of an app that has OpenCycle Map available?

Many thanks.



Thanks Sandal Man but perhaps Wikiloc has changed? I’ve downloaded it. In its offerings of online maps it has only OpenStreetMapp - not OpenCycleMap. And I downloaded the offline map which is nothing I recognize and again, not as good as OpenCycleMap.

Hopefully someone else will have other ideas.

You didn’t say what platform you use, but if it’s Android, have a look at Locus Map. It’s very flexible with adding map sources, and comes with a decent variety in the standard set.

You add maps in Locus by editing a configuration file, providers.xml. I don’t know if it includes OCM by default, as I’ve been using a customized version of the file for years. But it’s easy to figure out the URL format and add it manually.

That said, I used to prefer OCM for everything, but have come to prefer the look of the offline maps (from Locus or OpenAndroMaps) which are very customizable through their use of themes. My current favourite is OpenAndroMaps V5 with matching Elevate V5 theme.

EDIT: there are some current difficulties with Android 11+, likely to be resolved soon.

Thanks for that Viajero. I’ll take a look but I’m afraid I’m going to have to cook the Christmas dinner first!

And in case anyone’s interested, I’ve discovered that ‘PlotARoute’ use OCM but it’s not possible to download maps for offline use.

If you use Wikiloc on your computer there is a OpenCycleMap available, you didn’t mention that you want to use it on your phone.

You’re right Sandalman - I didn’t say. My mistake!

But thanks Viajero, Locus Map looks very interesting. I’d never heard of it. It may end up replacing my much loved Viewranger.

FWIW Open Cycle Maps are a product of

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I had the same question (getting forced out of Viewranger :frowning: ) and I found this app AllTrails which works on my iOS as well as Android. It can show OpenCycleMap for free. The only thing is that it wants you to choose a “route”. You can say “start without route” but then a message “no route specified” stays in the screen. Unless you press “Start” then, so that’s what I’ll do. The only thing is that it then tracks your location, which may cost some extra battery.

Hi , try KOMOOT , it’s the best for me , used it to cross Spain from Irun to Santiago , 900kms in 14 days , all done with this app , it’s like using google maps but for cycling . Give it a try