Open cycle map don't show alpine shelter

I don’t know if this is a general problem but in the at least in some areas of the piryness there are several mountain refuge that are show in the standar map and not visible in the cycle one
just to show exactly what I’m talking about:

Vía: Refugi Sant Jordi (185589600)
Versión #11
This refuge is an official refuge but it is not show as refuge in the cycle map, What is suposse to change in the description to be show? This and many other in the area.


OpenCycleMap doesn’t try to be a map for everything. The proprietor of that map chooses to highlight bicycle stuff, including bike shops, also pubs. Every map-maker selectively chooses what to include, and what to leave out. Transport maps, in particular, leave out a lot of stuff.

Note that CyclOSM, my new favourite, does show shelters.

(Now if only more maps would show natural=mountain_range. At the moment, I know of only one map - an offline map - that does.)

PS, it’s highly discouraged to map something incorrectly, to get a certain result on a certain map.