Open a map showing the name plus a description

If this has already been answered, please just point me in the correct direction. I’ve tried searching but, no joy.

For example: I’m looking at a map of a large temple complex in Japan. The names of places and features are in kanji. Many of the features are “named” in Japanese, with what isn’t really a name but a description. I can go through and add English language descriptions of the feature. For example, I could add description:en=Bell Tower. But then is there a way for me or others to open up that part of the map with the description showing by default? How do I help people who look at a map of the area of an area see that the polygon with the name 鐘楼 is actually a bell tower with an unknown (to me) name?

And yes, in this particular case, the polygon is tagged with man_made: campanile but that isn’t particularly helpful in this case, and in the case of a Buddhist temple, is rather misleading.

You can use for example
which shows [name:en] tags if they exist and then transliteration of Japanese.

I’m not aware of any OSM-based map that shows the “description” tag. I hope I can be corrected on that.

Because of this, I think, some mappers put descriptions in the “name” tag as you’ve seen, but that’s discouraged.

So, this appears to be a case of “the theory is nice, theoretically, but if you want people to be able to read it then…”

I do know about the English map and started to use it using the translated names/descriptions, but then realized I wasn’t using the fields available properly. I don’t see anyway around using the name field for the convenience of the casual user. They aren’t going to know to dig deeper into the map and couldn’t anyway if they are using

Have you looked at OpenStretBrowser? That one uncovers a lot more information hidden in OSM (and Wikipedia, if linked) about a point of interest. E.g.

I had not seen that before. It looks like it might help. I’ll look at it closer and maybe talked to the maintainer.