Only stright lines when routing

I’ve installed the OSM Generic routable new (ITA_03-11-207) ( osm_generic_new_windows.exe) on Garmin Basecamp 4.6.2

When I create a route using the Driving activity profile, I only get a straight line from point A to B.
The calculating route window pops up but closes as soon as the progress bar starts.

I also tried with Motorcycle, RV and Trucking with the same results.
Everything works fine when I use the same profiles with my Garmin city navigator North America NT 2018.30 map

Walking, ATV and bicycling profiles work fine.

Any idea?


How long is that distance between A and B? Try one or more intermediate points, maybe the route is too long. Or shift either A or B slightly to a different position nearby.

I noticed the same problem. The map, downloaded in june hadn´t any problems caculatibg a long route (over 400km).

The map downloaded yesterday could´t caculate a route with car or motorcylce, only straight line.
the only profile working was “dirt bike”.

I shifted the start-end poinst without success. Have to try at which distance the right calcutation begins.

It´s weired.

I do a quick research on my office computer, where I have the old map installed.
The distance problem seems to be the answere, but not the length of the track is responsible.

My route is 586km (thougt that there would be a border at 400km) BUT the bee line was UNDER 500km.

Any points with a distance (straight line) over 500km doesn´t work.

So ligfietsers advise is a good one.

@Dann323 maybe you did the same as I did?
Having many routes tracks but all are shorter then 500km (straight line from A to B), combined to one bigger route/track so you thouhgt it might work.

Hope that helped and glad it helped me.
I despaired yesterday:(
Now with the knowlegde voila.