Online App like MapsMe

Hello friends,

I have used smartphone apps based on OpenStreetMap for ages now, apps like MapsMe or PocketMap where I can easily pin locations I like.
But I am struggeling to find such a thing for the web browser on my computer, or maybe an app on the computer. Sometimes this would be much more handy than doing so on a smartphone.

Is there any good website based on OpenStreetMap where I can have own lists and pin locations based on a login into an account?
On itself, I can only use my account to edit the map, which I have done before.

I also know that there is a linux application called Gnumaps, but there I cannot add pins by my own either (and the app is quite bad in my personal opinion).

Is there anybody having a nice hint for a good website fitting my purpose?

I am sorry if that question is too basic, but I really struggle researching that for myself.

Kind Regards and thanks

Hi tried OSM and ? Its a very handsome router with allowes you to change to route by moving the earlier one and a range of others.

Hey, thanks for your answer!
Is there a word missing between “and” and “?”?

I actually tried OSM, but what I would like to have is something like a bookmark list where I can pin stuff and save it for later. :slight_smile:


He meant OsmAnd

You can search for applications here:

Oh. Haha. Fair enough. Thank you for that recommendation and thanks for clarifying that.
Something like uMap is exactly what I was searching for, thank you.