Ongoing Edit War: Laguna Homes Backroad Access (Chiang Mai)

There seems to be an ongoing edit war going on regarding a special access backroad leading to a gated community called Laguna Homes in Chiang Mai.

Here’s the link to the road in question: Way History: ‪Laguna Homes‬ (‪348366431‬) | OpenStreetMap

I’ve tried reaching out to “Roman Resenchuk” (version #7) for comments since he changed the highway tag from residential to footway about 6 days ago. Unfortunately, he hasn’t responded, which seems to be a common trend among mappers in Chiang Mai.

Since then, there have been more users getting involved, such as #8, Roman again at #9, ratrun to fix routing issues at #10 and #11, and Grab reverting everything back to version #6 today at #12. It’s clear that without proper communication, this cycle of conflicting changes will continue.

If anyone has any tips on how to get people to communicate and resolve the underlying navigation/routing issue, I’m all ears.

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Update: I messaged Roman directly after learning that some users experienced not receiving email notifications on changeset comments.

Also reaching out here to @Saikat_Maiti from Grab for comments.

Hi Julian @julcnx . I am really sorry for long response time, I mistakenly changed from residential to footway, while I corrected information about barriers and gates. Let’s keep it as Grab reverted.

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Hi Roman, appreciate your prompt response!

If you think that the tagging is still causing navigation issues, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance here. Routing can be complex, and the community can give you some guidance.

Thanks. Yes, entering Laguna home village still is a big problem for Grab drivers, OSM maps lead to dead end streets on the way to location. Especially Laguna Home Phase 2, because it’s have 2 barrier gates from north entrance.

Hi @julcnx,

Sorry for joining late in the conversation. One of our Grab editors reverted the highway tagging, as we did not find any street sign at the gate and it is accessible by residents. Adding to that, I would recommend extending the road (way/348366431) from node/2522034310 to node/10703834051 as it is accessible for the resident at Laguna Home 2 (although it is not accessible for Grab Drivers) and they have access to use this gate.

However, I agree with Roman, that Grab drivers are not allowed to use this after the gate at the north side, there is a longer route to enter this village.

@Saikat_Maiti thanks for the clarifications!

Just a quick suggestion: when reverting fresh conflicting changes from local mappers, could you please add a comment in the original changeset explaining the reason for the change? Lack of communication can be daunting for new mappers.


Hi @julcnx,

I have discussed the same with my team. We will drop a comment to avoid any communication gaps before reverting any data. Thank you.
cc: @Roman_Resenchuk