Ongoing discussion about hydrants, suction_points and fire water wells

Hi Polish mappers, I’m Moritz, a mapper from Berlin/Germany.

A while ago I started a new proposal for tagging fire water wells 1. I got the feedback that a new tag for water wells is not needed.
Then we had a discussion in the German forum about the proper tagging 2. There we found a consent at least for the participating German mappers without introducing a new tag.

With this result I starting discussing the tagging scheme on the tagging mailing list 3.

Why I am it posting here:
I stumbled upon the strazakosm App which seems to be used widely in Poland. And there are lot of suction_points and fire water wells mapped in Poland. So
maybe somebody is interested in the discussion and has some additional thoughts on this.



in the meantime the voting for fire hydrants extension proposal has started: (ends at 15.10.)

The proposal was rejected, but we started the RFC for a follow up with fewer changes. Here is the quote from the tagging mailinglist:


After another round of RFC the proposal has changed so that the issues which led to opposed votes were removed.

The voting process started again: