Oneway Conditional : Need Urgent Help!

Hi Mappers Greeting From Nepal!

This is my first post, So welcome me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Joke a part.

I found the following road in Nepal.

Oneway for : 4 wheelers i.e. Car - time 8 AM to 8 PM
but Both way for 2 wheelers, i.e. Bike.

I have done my research but couldn’t find the exact tag for it. I have tried following tags as well but didn’t work.

Timebound : didn’t work
Oneway : Yes
oneway:motorcycle = No
oneway:motorcar = yes @ (08:00-20:00)

|oneway = yes|
|motorcar:conditional = no @ (08:00-20:00)||
|Motorcycle = yes

Can anyone help me out in this scenario?

I think you could modify it like this:


you do not need motorcycle=yes because it is the default for all roads (and it is about access, not about oneway), nor do you need
oneway:motorcar = yes @ (08:00-20:00) because this is already in oneway=yes.
If you do it this way, it will degrade safely and be a oneway for everybody when the routing rules are very simple, but you must eventually explicitly allow more vehicle classes if they are permitted.

The other way round, you would add only one rule:


and no other tags, but it will create problems with routers that don’t understand conditional tagging (i.e. it would be too permissive in this case).

or with two rules:


There are not so many of this kind of restrictions in the world, so I believe there are no best practices yet, because what is “best” depends on tool support for the tags and how well it degrades if only simple tags are evaluated by the tool. It may also depend whether you think it is better to have occassionally a motorcar sent there during the day time (and how bad it is for them, how much detour they have to make) or have it errateously forbidding all other vehicular traffic.


Sorry to Say @dieterdreist I have tried all the tags but it didn’t work :zipper_mouth_face:

Hmm, setting the tags as proposed should work.
Which tool(s) are you using reading/analysing/evaluating the setting, which tool(s) are complaining?


@Ghyasang_Ghising Could you post the osm-links to the roads, so one could check for other mapping issues?