One node missing in history

A while back I edited this way.
One node is missing in the north east, this one:

The data is now not correct; the node should be there.
In the history of OSM I can’t find how this node vanished.
Does anyone know what happened?

I’m trying to copy this old railway line to Openhistoricalmap and so I noticed one node went missing.

You can find that in the history of the way. Working on the Openhistoricalmap you might want to use and old version of the way :wink:

Not sure I understand the problem (the arrow points at a node while the is missing) but I did load the way in josm and I see that it is about the 5th node.

I did load the current version of the way, het Bommenlijntje, in the browser by clicking the link and expanded the Nodes, 54 in total.

In the web browser you can also click history and I see Version #17 removes nodes but I am not sure it is the node you are searching. If not, check more versions.

No I can’t.
However, you are right about version 19 and version 20 having 54 nodes so no node vanished.

One node was moved in changeset 149712254. That changeset does not show up in the history of the way. I don’t know if it should or shouldn’t.

OK so Hendrikklaas moved the node and I will contact him.