One facility containing two golf courses

I’m unsure how to map a facility that contains two golf courses. I know of two such places. Each facility has a single name & website. For one, each course on the facility also has its own name. A while ago I split the area into two leisure=golf_course areas (A / B) with mostly duplicate tags and overlapping at the clubhouse & driving range. For the other, the courses are referred to simply as East course & West course. All 36 holes are within a single leisure=golf_course area. Which method is better?

See taginfo, there are quite some golf courses mapped as relation and that is how I would do it.

For an example see:

Is there a ‘better’? You don’t say if you’d like both course names to appear on the map over their respective 18 hole areas which is where you’d venture into mapping the whole area which probably has a joint name and then add the course names on nodes. At any rate there’s lots of 27-36 hole courses to draw ideas from, comes to mind one with a championship course and a leisure albeit the facility still had a single name. Played one in Scotland where they actually had a ladies course as well and the clubhouse (still) had a ladies and gents bar section. A challenge to map that, amenity=bar, female=yes + male=yes or would that be unisex=no :p)

Anyway, here’s a past discussion on the subject Golf course: How to differentiate between two 18 hole courses at one club? - OSM Help

There are numerous golf clubs which offer more than one golf course. Decent examples:

  • St Andrew’s Royal & Ancient GC which has IIRC 5 courses, mapped separately such as the Old Course.
  • St Andrew’s Bay. Just the other side of the town from the R&A with two courses mapped as one element.
  • Gleneagles
  • Machrihanish Golf Club (described on OSM as Machrihanish Links - by me it turns out!) which has an 18 hole course and a 9 hole course, these days called the Pans course, but still widely known as the Ladies course (from when the golf club did not admit women and a separate club was created for them).

In the latter case the approach taken seems to be to add course:name to each hole, but leave a single golf course polygon. This may be absolutely necessary where the courses are interwoven, but here they could be mapped as two polygons with one operator. Where the two courses abut (mainly 9th of Pans and 18th of the main course) they have different out-of-bounds rules which may be complicated to represent.