On the question of KLIA 2

OSMers Malaysia,

Since May 2014, KLIA 2 has opened but none of our maps have been updated with KLIA2 details (exceptions of some bits). I let someone else do the drawings of the runways and taxiways. I am interested to hear your opinion on naming taxiways in the new airport. In the old KLIA, I collected myself all the taxiway identifiers when my plane was taxiing to the runway. Hence, it is free data I am providing to you without referring to any government or private website. What I see is what I put for KLIA taxiways (Hence, the source I labelled as ‘Personal Field Collection’.

Assuming someone finishes the drawing of KLIA2 layout, I would like to help in the naming of taxiways. I have limited Personal Field Collection Data on KLIA2 taxiways ready to go for upload. My understanding is we need to acknowledge source. I stumbled on this website that have taxiway identifies for whole of KLIA2 - http://www.klia2.info/about-klia2/facilities/runway-3. If a user were to proceed to name the taxiways from this website and acknowledge the source properly, is it legal or a permission is required from copyright division of KLIA2?

What is your opinion?