On the meaning of segregated=yes

In this thread Tagging of adjacent cycleway + footway (sidewalk) the tagging scheme highway=cycleway + sidewalk=* that is used mostly in the Netherlands to describe highways as show in the picture below was discussed.

Most of these ways have the additional tag segregated=yes, which is most often used in other tagging schemes to describe a highway with parallel cycle and pedestrian parts: highway=path/cycleway + bicycle=designated + foot=designated + segregated=yes

The question is: is it correct (though not necessary) to add segregated=yes to the first-mentioned tagging scheme, because the cycleway and sidewalk are obviously segregated, or is it wrong, because the segregated=yes should strictly apply only to the main object (the highway=cycleway, without the sidewalk) which is obviously not segregated.

I hope I explained it well?

So, basically, a cycleway with a sidewalk is akin to a road with a sidewalk, i.e. pedestrians have their own space, which is conveyed by adding sidewalk=* on the main object. It sounds reasonable to assume that segregated=yes is implicit here.

But that would probably depend a lot of the various routing or rendering engines that deal with those objects.