On behalf of Kiran - TomTom Mapping Missing Roads and Buildings in Bangkok

The 6th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games are coming up!

Host City: Bangkok & Chonburi, Thailand

Hello OSM Thailand Community,

I hope this message finds everyone in excellent health and high spirits. I’m excited to inform you about two new Tasking Manager projects aimed at enhancing OpenStreetMap by adding missing buildings and surrounding roads in Thailand.

Thailand - Mapping Missing Buildings in Bangkok https://tasks.openstreetmap.us/projects/521

One ongoing project, Thailand - Mapping Missing Roads and Buildings in Bangkok https://tasks.openstreetmap.us/projects/510

These projects hold great significance as Bangkok and Chonburi are gearing up to host a major sporting event in the country.

Your involvement in mapping missing buildings and roads in these areas will not only improve the map’s accuracy that will also play a crucial role in supporting the upcoming significant events.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and contributions. Your mapping truly makes a difference.

Best regards,
Kiran @ahirek from TomTom India


Thank You Supanchat!

What is the date of the imagery availabe in the areas of question? Mapping buildings relies or relatively recent available imagery in a high enough resolution.

Especially around dense Bangkok I found this a bit lacking to properly map these things properly.

Hey Stephankn, thanks for reaching out. In these projects, the source to be used for mapping is indicated, but there is also the information “Use [source] as the primary source for mapping if the imagery is unclear or inconclusive, then use other imagery sources for reference and comparison purposes.” We have specified the imagery that can be used, but if other imagery of better quality are available, then of course these should also be used. Additionally, I would ask if you suggest using other sources than those mentioned in the projects? If there are any recommendations we would be very happy to follow them. Do you have any specific recommendations for other sources that we could leverage? We’re always open to suggestions and eager to follow any recommendations for improving our mapping processes."