old maps of India, Pakistan and Nepal

I have mapped a lot of rivers and streams in Nepal the last week. I saw that most of the existing rivers and streams don’t have a name.
Maybe the following maps can be usefull :

Nepal is included. The maps are from about 1955; that means no license problems.
Perhaps local mappers can check, if the maps are usefull.

I looked at those map. I think the map can provide good information about the names of the rivers and streams as you said and for other information as well like place name, roads, boundaries. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Namaste dear friends,
look here please: http://yosmhm.neis-one.org/?zoom=4&lat=24.59074&lon=83.28955&layers=B000TTF&u=Heinz_V

Heinz is probably one of the 10 most active mapper in India.
Now he is working with us in Nepal. Thank you Heinz_V

One day before Nepal got place 8 in
The world ranking list. You are great

That is great!!! Nepal is progressing :slight_smile: Happy to hear that.