(OK Now!!) OSRM - another website for sharing a path on the map


I think OSRM has a problem with making a path between 2 points, and now I’ve haven’t found a cool website for sharing a path easily with a link.

Do someone know a cool website like OSRM, to share routing path ?
(if possible, without being annoyed with registration)

Many thx !!

edit: website is now working nice :slight_smile:

I just clicked on 2 random places on the OSRM website and got this link: http://map.project-osrm.org/?z=15&center=38.935778%2C-77.029009&loc=38.926030%2C-77.041798&loc=38.947261%2C-77.016392&hl=en&alt=0
Is that what you want to achieve ?
Or is there a problem in a particular area to calculate routes ?

Hey Escada,
Nice news, it’s working again !!
Back to OSRM with pleasure :slight_smile: