Offroad (mountain biking) cycling special interest group

As a new user and captain of an offroad cycling (mountain biking) club in the Chilterns, it seems impossible to get hold of digital definitive rights of way records from local authorities e.g. bridleways, byways and green lanes. The problems surround copyright issues with Ordnance Survey GB as the definite records are based on large scale OS mapping.

Is there an offroad (mountain biking) cycling special interest group I could work with to assist in the capture of such information in the Chilterns but also across other parts of the UK?

Thank you

Club Captain
Wycombe Summit MTB Club

I may just not have found it yet, but I don’t think there is a group currently. There are plenty of people that ride, such as myself, and I believe Lambertus also. The amount of such users is low relative to the area there spaced over, I think. If you organised events based around mountain biking specifically maybe more people would start emerging.

Yes, I’m a biker as well but based in the Netherlands where there aren’t issues about right-of-way. We don’t have right-of-way paths at a scale by far as found in the UK, so there aren’t (as many) problems with that subject as well.

I’ve been mountainbiking in the UK once (Windermere, Lake District) which was a blast (though the terrain wasn’t as steep and rough as found in the Ardennes (Belgium). I hope you will get what you need…