Offline routers

I’m need program

-Use openstreetmap (map of Belarus)
-Opensource project
-Offline routing
-Windows platform

What programs I can use with these parameters?

Did you look at ?

I looked, but these program not working on windows or I can’t open map on them.
Gosmore - I can’t convert map
Traveling Salesman - error “The entity timestamp attribute is missing”
Navit - I can’t convert map
RoadMap - I can’t install program on windows
VGPS, We-Travel, GpsMid, True Maps - program not for windows
MoNav - I can’t install program on windows
CartoType - License:commercial

For Gosmore you need a Linux machine to be able to generate your own maps. However, there used to be a service available that allows you to download pre-built maps but if seems no longer available.

Navit provides prebuilt maps based on OSM available on
and those are updated frequently and you can download a predefined area or
make your own slection from the entire globe.

Converting your own maps is possible as well using maptool but that is quite a bit of work
and normally done only if you have very special requirements or for testing new features.

1)I download map osm_bbox_27.4,53.8,27.9,54.0.bin from
2)In navit.xml change


3)Start navit.exe and set check on map “$NAVIT_SHAREDIR/maps/osm_bbox_27.4,53.8,27.9,54.0.bin”
4)but on map I don’t see Minsk. I try find sity on map use command sity.

I try make map on Linux
root@debian:/# Gosmore osm -dc /home/egor/Minsk.osm | gosmore rebuild
but the result is the same as in windows

If I use
root@debian:/# Gosmore osm -dc /home/egor/AAA.osm | gosmore rebuild
I don’t have file AAA.osm
I have result the same as root@debian:/# Gosmore osm -dc /home/egor/Minsk.osm | gosmore rebuild
then programm can’t see file Minsk.osm :frowning:
But adress is right (test on other programm, note)