Offline OSM web

Hello everyone!
I am looking for a way to deploy OSM website (including everything in it, but just for specific region) offline
Could you please help me?

Hi and welcome to the forum!

You can generate your own map tiles and distribute them locally. You can find a good starting point here:

This part went well.
The problem starts with adding searching options and things like that

You seem to want to host the entire OSM website with all its components yourself. As far as I know, all parts of it are OpenSource and can be created by yourself. A good start should be:

I have started with it, I didn’t manage to use the searching part well

You can check their documentation here: Basic Installation - Nominatim Manual

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I have checked this, didn’t help

What I’d suggest is to explain in a bit more detail what you did, what you were expecting, and what actually happened.

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When I am trying to use the offline search it gives me TCP error.
If I am trying to import OSM to the search server, I can’t really work with it…

“more detail” as in what instructions you were following, what you typed, and what happened…

OK, got you, that will take me some time to explain.
Should I include some screenshots?

The actual text of what you typed and what happened would be better…