Offline or cached copies of the OpenStreetMap Wiki

These are cached copies of the official wiki, useful if / when the official wiki goes offline temporarily.

They are OLD COPIES by definition: in the wiki homepage, scroll down to the sections News and Upcoming events and check that the dates that appear there are reasonably recent.

  • Cache (online):

    • This is an old copy, check the dates as described above.
    • Tip: You can connect JOSM and the Firefox search bar to this site. For instructions, follow the link and scroll down.
  • Cache (online): Kiwix library

    • This is an old copy, check the dates as described above.
  • Archive (offline): Kiwix app

    Summary for Kiwix: You get the .zim file from the Internet or a friend, open the file with this app, and read the file contents (the wiki) without Internet. Kiwix is developed by the Wikimedia Foundation to spread Wikipedia, Wiktionary and other freely licensed wikis in areas with very costly Internet connection or no connection at all.

    Instructions for Kiwix:

    1. Check the date of openstreetmap-wiki_en_* in

    2. If it is too old, file a request at GitHub ( to update the files.

    3. If it is recent enough,

      • Download the app:
        • Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux already have it in the repositories as kiwix-desktop or kiwix.
      • Download the .zim file: inside the app Downloads tab, or from (link is above).
      • maxi and nopic mean with / without images.

Please add other mirrors / archives if you have any, I’ll add them to this list.


Raw wiki dumps are made available by an automated process daily, see the documentation on Wiki Dumps / Exports.