Offline map

Hello there,
I was given a task to create an offline map for intranet server that runs in offline mode. The map should contain points of interest and some polygons/curves of traffic routes and places. I thought that It will be easy to do it but I was badly mistaken. I started to explore the topic of online and offline maps and as far as I know, there is one widely accepted way how to do offline maps.

First of all I need to get some tiles images, but it seems to me that the only way how to get these for free is generate them via some map server. I have found Mapnik map server, which I can give OSM data and Mapnik returns map tiles in .png/.jpg. For map API I would like to use Leaflet, which I have some experience with from the past. Are my thoughts about offline mapping right? Or is there any easier way to do it? Any tutorial for Mapnik with OSM data and tile output would be welcome, i didnt find any working example yet and I have no idea how to set up Mapnik server :frowning:

Any help about offline mapping is welcome of course!
Thank you a lot.

Maybe this can help you: will show you how to set up a running Mapnik server.