Offline entire planet in Java Desktop app

Hello guys! Sorry if this question has already been asked, but I need your help.

In program that we are developing we need to integrate maps. Here are the requirements that are put for integration:

  1. Maps should be off-line, no access to online
  2. Must be present all world, so the user can go anywhere as on website
  3. Maps must to be integrated into the program(no third-party systems install)
  4. File data card should be in reasonable aisles
  5. Maps need to work on the user’s computer(not server configuration)

I’ll add that we at this moment interested in the rapid integration of(a deadline).

Once again, our program is developed under the Java desktop.

Please help in choosing solutions/libraries and specify the way in which these things have already been made.


Perhaps a set of MBTiles database files which are read through a suitable java library like Nutiteq SDK.

Hello Hronom,

Do you want to display pre -rendered tiles as map graphic on each user computer, or have you considered to display offline vector data that is rendered in realtime?

Be aware that when you want to display the whole planet on a PC via tile graphics without internet access, you need the whole amount of tiles … that are alot!

Hello stephan75,
I want to display offline vector data that is rendered in realtime. Something like in mapsforge but with whole planet.

Then I can give you merely the link to the OSM wiki about

If you scroll down that page, there is a table about Map Display features, with a column called “show map as vector”

As I don’ t know a 100% fitting software for your aims, try some software and tell us what program comes near it.

even i also trying to do the same offline map ,did you get the solution . please help me ,i need to use the offline map in jogl java application

I need more information for offline map using the java JOGL .How to download the offline map,please help me.


However most of your work will be in getting tools that allow you to display it in a a form useful to your users.

There is no free and legal way to download map tiles for the whole world, as you would massively exceed fair usage limits. You would need to generate them yourself, from the vector data.