Obtaining current street information

I’m hoping that someone can help me scratch the surface for a project I’d like to work on. Basically, I want to generate a raspberry pi GPS device for a car that will show information about the street that I’m currently traveling on (e.g., speed limit). My question is: after I download the map data for the relevant regions that I’m interested in, are there any existing software tools that would run on the raspberry pi that I could load the data into and issue street queries from current GPS coordinates?

If not, then I’d have to load the data into a database myself but I’m not really sure how I would best organize it to handle geospatial queries like that.

Any thoughts?

You should have a first look at any opensource software collected at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Routing → Offline Routers that are able to display things like maxspeed, lanes etc for the way you are moving in that moment according to a GPS position.

Often the app Osmand is quoted about showing maxspeed for your way, even withoud doing an active navigation. It can even warn you when you are faster than maxspeed, when there comes a railway crossing, pedestrian crossing, stop sign etc.

Does this come near your aim in any way at all?

It looks like it may be quite close (thanks for the info). I’m not really interested in anything graphical at this point, so I’ll need to see if I can access the relevant data from command line, etc.