Obtain the longitude and latitude of the nodes of a river


I would like to obtain the longitude and latitude coordinates of a river in order to create a GeoJson file with these coordinates to integrate into datawrapper and highlight the course of the river with a line.
OpenStreet map doesn’t put the coordinates of the nodes in longitude-latitude form, but in code that I don’t understand (I have no basis in computer development, forget Python). The river I’m trying to integrate is the Anseba in Eritrea, which has more than 1900 nodes, so it’s impossible to enter them one by one.

Thanks for your help and have a nice weekend!

I expect you could use the overpass turbo wizard to do that.
Put “Anseba River” in Eritrea into the wizard and when the data is extracted you can export to geojson

Edit: The name of this river is not consistent along entire length.
H (H@mlet) solution works well

You can do it also with JOSM, find the id of the suitable object in the osm.org search, here it would be way 1286078296: Way: ‪Anseba River ሩባ ዓንሰባ نهر عنسبا‬ (‪1286078296‬) | OpenStreetMap

Then in JOSM go to “download object”, and download the way with its referrers (nodes).

Then go to “file” “export as gpx” and export the river as gpx. Open the gpx on geojson.io and export it as geojson. https://geojson.io/