object not displayed

please advice a beginner …

For some months I edited / created some place with josm and updated the map.

Most of them looks fine, but there is an object that is not displayed when I search it in openstreetmap maps.

Here it is:
I named it Presidental Palace, castle
{Node id=432636136 version=1 VT lat=13.601911,lon=-2.3829685}

What makes the difference to (e.g.)
{Node id=430812197 version=1 VT lat=13.5764047,lon=-2.4096201}
that was also created by me and is displayed ?

I use http://maps.cloudmade.com/ for online map checks.

Thanks in advance,

I suspect that the difference is that Mapnik [1] does not render historic=castle (the first node), but does render tourism=hotel (the second node). If you switch to Osmarender (click the + sign on the top right, then select Osmarender) you will see the castle appear because Osmarender does render historic=castle.

[1] Mapnik is OSM’s default map renderer. Mapnik is not OSM, it is a separate piece of software which selects certain parts of the OSM database and renders them into a map which you can see on the OSM website.

Actually Mapnik is a piece of software that takes a stylesheet that OSM provides to tell it what parts to select and render.

Really? I didn’t know that OSM provided Mapnik’s style-sheet, I thought that was a Mapnik decision. Thanks for letting me know.

If you’re going to be really picky, there’s also a piece of software involved called osm2pgsql which does part of the work in pulling out certain features.

I found out after I filed a couple bugs at the Mapnik trac :slight_smile: