OAuth 1.0a and HTTP Basic Auth shutdown

Note that @Firefishy’s post says:

PS: OAuth 1.0 (not 1.0a) was previously erroneously enabled, but has now been disabled.

That might explain why Oauth1.0 was not working at times outside of the brownout. A similar problem elsewhere is here.

Is this the right place to ask for directions if every attempt to authorise has failed (since June the 9th)?

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What are you trying to authorise, on what platform, and when did your attempt fail?


Sorry for the POV.

I have tried to connect to OSM with JOSM. Both the fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual method failed.

The fully automatic process tells me that it failed and that I shouild try it again or any of the other methods.

The semi-automatic process starts an external browser that tries to access the page “OpenStreetMap”. After 50 minutes I closed the browser as it was still loading.

The manual process asks me for a key and a secret code that I don’t have. I have copied the default settings but this failed.

OAuth 2 in JOSM only has Fully Automatic and Manual options. It sounds like you are using OAuth 1.0 instead of OAuth 2.0. If you do not see OAuth 2.0, then you need to update JOSM.


See also JOSM Authorisation at the OSM server failed. The server reported the following error: 'HTTP Basic Authentication is disabled: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/2024_authentication_update (Code=403)' and [OAuth] aktueller Tipp für JOSM Benutzer. Note that there is button for translation below every post.


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