NOTICE: MapSource 6.14.1 - temporary fix

For those of you who have MapSource 6.14.1 installed and experience problems with OSM Garmin maps: There is a temporary fix.

Goto this forum and download the MapSource Maps Compatibility_v0.2_Beta.rar application.

Extract this file on your computer using WinRar (shareware!) or 7-zip (freeware) and run the application. The application will indicate maps that would cause problems in MapSource 6.14.1 are indicated and fixed with one button click.

This solution is needed for MapSource 6.14.1 until the OSM Garmin map installers of the various suppliers are fixed.

do you know what this patch does?

The registry keys generated by 3rd party maps (like OSM) are often wrong, they don’t match the TDB file properly. This application changes the registry keys for the installed maps in such a way that they correlate to the relevant values in the TDB file again, thus preventing MapSource from crashing.

I tried this solution. It does not work. I use Windows XP Professional x64 (64 bit). I have send the message also to
Anybody with a suggestion for 64 bit computers?

for 64-bit systems registry branch must be HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Garmin\MapSource
not HKLM\SOFTWARE\Garmin\MapSource

Anyone who is using the OSM maps for the Netherlands from do not need to use this fix anymore as the maps are now correctly installed (see: this post).

Are there still OSM Garmin maps that have wrong registry keys? If not then this topic could be un-stickied.

I think this is obsolete now.

You’re right, Mkgmap is able to create a correct installer script. Unstickied.