Notes, missplaced by accident

Die to failed response of my Touchscreen my Nöte is missplaced by 2 Blocks from the desired position, now I cannot move the note to the proper position and also I cannot delete it either.

Can someone experienced user give advice please?

I’d suggest resolving it with a comment that says “oops! I misplaced this by 2 blocks” and then adding in the correct place. The resolved note will disappear from the map in a few days.

That seems to be the only solution.

IMHO there is NO way to move or delete an OSM note for normal users.

As an aside, it’s perhaps worth mentioning that if you find obscene or threatening notes, the Data Working Group ( does have the means to hide them immediately. I wouldn’t worry about hiding a note that’s in the wrong place though - just resolve it and it will go away in a few days.