not all addresses are correctly displayed

Good day. I am having the following problem - not all the addresses are correctly displayed. At the moment the problem is observed only in Chile. Here is an example query:

openstreetmap map api(working):

Who faced the such? How to fix it?
Thanks in advance

You would have been more likely to get noticed if you had used the Question and Answers forum.

When suggesting something is wrong, you should say what you expect and how the result differs.

I can’t see anything obviously wrong, so my guess is that your problem is with the \u00ed and the \00f3. These appear to be correct. The first is i with an acute accent and the second is o with an acute accent. The output you reference is in JSON format and is intended for computers not for direct human input. It has been coded as ASCII, so Unicode escapes are needed for non-ASCII characters.

You need to parse the escape and replace it by the equivalent character.

JSON uses the raw Javascript syntax.