Norway - Fix objects without tags

Hi Norway OSM community,
I’d like to share a MapRoulette challenge called “Norway - Fix objects without tags” (MapRoulette). This challenge, created by TomTom, aims to enhance OpenStreetMap data by identifying and fixing objects missing essential tags.

Proper tagging is crucial for good editing practices in OpenStreetMap. Untagged objects can cause confusion and make it difficult to use the map effectively. Through this challenge, we can:

Improve data quality by adding missing attributes to relevant objects.

Clean up the map by removing duplicate or non-existent objects.

The challenge provides insights into potential causes of these issues, making it easier for you to review and address them.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or feedback on this challenge.

Have a great weekend!


Hi @Wulfmorn , @NKA
We were wondering if this particular challenge seems ok to you and the NOR OSM community? Does it make sense to you leave it open and continue? We noticed somewhat limited traction on this activity and we started to wonder about it. If the listed object remains without tags and the community does not find it interesting we could have our editing team look into it on our side.