Norway - Add Highways (Oslo)

Hi OpenStreetMap Norway community,

I’m inviting you to contribute to a project that will significantly improve the map of Oslo. We’ve identified 268 missing roads and highways that need your mapping expertise.The details:

  • Project: Norway - Add Highways (Oslo) (MapRoulette)
  • Number of tasks: 268
  • Objective: Identify and add missing roads based on reliable sources (e.g., NVDB,OpenStreetMap, TomTom datasets)

Why participate?

  • Make a real difference: Your contributions will directly improve the accuracy and completeness of Oslo’s map, benefitting countless users.
  • Gain valuable experience: Hone your mapping skills and collaborate with fellow mappers in the community.
  • Contribute to open data: OpenStreetMap is a global, open-source initiative, and your work will be accessible to everyone.

Ready to join?

  1. Visit the project page: MapRoulette
  2. Choose a task that interests you.
  3. Use reliable sources to confirm or add missing roads.
  4. Enjoy making a positive impact!

Have questions?
Feel free to contact me directly or visit our Norway GitHub page for more information: Norway | Data Improvements · Issue #15 · tomtom-international/open-data · GitHub
Together, let’s make Oslo’s map even better!Happy mapping,


@NKA @Wulfmorn


Hello Community,

We will have one of our editors starting tomorrow till the end of the week to support on this challenge.

@NKA @Wulfmorn

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Thats good. Doesn’t look like it was the most popular challenge :smiley: