Norton found Trojan.Gen.X in uninstall.exe


today I downloaded from “
a “Routable Bicycle (Openfietsmap Lite)” from US-Florida.

When I install this map on my windows 10 PC the Norton Security blocked the file: uninstall.exe

Trojan: Trojan.Gen.X
File: C:\Garmin\Maps\Openfietsmap Lite(US-FL)\uninstall.exe

Is this correct?


Probably not, unfortunately Norton detects a lot of false positives. Please submit this file to Symantec/Norton to check so they can fix and update their definitions. On you can also submit this file to check if it contains malware.

Hello ligfietser,

I scanned the file uninstall.exe at . Here is the result:

I will ignore this warning from Norton!
Thank you very much


Hello ligfietser,

I sent the file and the information to Symantec …

I hope they fix their definitions!


Thanks Martin, I expect them to do so.

I have an answer from Symantec (Norton):