NorthCrab's OSM Community Survey — Vote until January 13th

I have now renamed the topic title from “OpenStreetMap Community Survey - Vote until January 13th:arrow_right:NorthCrab’s OSM Community Survey — Vote until January 13th” to better reflect the ownership of the survey.


There is no implication here. The exact same question can be used to ask about any communication platform:

  • How do you view the use of Reddit as the main communication channel?
  • How do you view the use of Discord as the main communication channel?
  • How do you view the use of IRC as the main communication channel?

I hope this clears things out for you.

I want to survey the community. Is there anything wrong with asking such questions?

Hey! About the IRC question, please see above.

I want to emphasize that I am just a human and I am not perfect – please don’t expect perfection from me. Surveying others isn’t something I typically do, so naturally, someone experienced might handle it better than I can. However, is it really necessary? The main goal is for me to understand the general sentiments within the community. If I find the need for more specific answers to certain questions, I’ll address those separately. When surveying, one can either get lots of answers on general questions, or just few on very specific questions. This survey aims to (obviously) accomplish the first. It will serve as a good guide for determining the next steps. We all have to start somewhere.

When it comes to living my life, I’ve accepted that achieving perfection isn’t possible, so I aim for ‘good enough’. Many times, in pursuit of perfection, people end up doing nothing at all. This survey represents just that: ‘good enough’ for me. Something that I can work with. If you believe some questions are wrong, feel free to skip them entirely or select ‘prefer not to answer’.


Absolutely, I completely agree. I aimed to ask general questions, which sometimes might be open to broad interpretation. If necessary, I’ll gather additional feedback in follow-up threads. My perspective is this: including a few extra questions in a general survey, where each question is quick to answer, doesn’t harm anyone and provides some insight upon which future feedback can be based. I could have skipped some questions, but why? Skipping them wouldn’t benefit this survey.

Regarding your second question, mostly yes. When I talk about reliance on big tech companies, I primarily mean using their services. I don’t think I’d agree with a ‘total’ cessation. Extremes are rarely beneficial. When I say not relying on big tech, I mean not significantly depending on them (in an arbitrary manner).

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Thank You. I will keep that in mind going forward!

And my general answer to everybody.

I’d love for the OSMF to conduct more official community surveys. I believe it’s a valuable tool for sentiment analysis within such a diverse community. Naturally, each survey would require pre-discussions on what questions to ask and how.

My aim was to create an unofficial survey that could answer some of the questions I had in my head. If I ever need to delve deeper into any topic, I’ll ensure to do so. Participation is optional, and everyone is free to interpret the survey answers as they wish.

As @Richard said, “(this survey) doesn’t have any greater significance than (NC’s personal understanding/feelings)”.

Let me leave you with this quote:

  • A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new

In all seriousness, I’m not really sure how a community sentiment survey helps you complete the python port. I have a feeling that letting the community become a part of it’s development will give you the feedback your looking for.

People will start asking for changes when they think they are being heard or feel their voice might make a difference. At the moment, it seems as though you have already made up your mind. Why should the community respond if it likely won’t affect anything.


Well if the result is a tool that is beneficial to the community, or merely useful for your own purposes, I support you. However, I hope something is ultimately created that receives widespread use.

I believe this is some of the best critique given so far in this thread, in a respectful manner.

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Judging from the comments, I’m not sure anymore if this survey is serious.

In case it is:

  • Can you enable multiple answers? (in particular to Q3)
  • Can you offer a “Other” choice with free text? Hardly ever are respondents’ answers as simple as we imagine them when creating a survey. When dozens, hundreds, or thousands of brains answer, there will always be cases that the single brain that created the survey hasn’t thought of. Forcing users to use one of the default answers although none of them fully applies, may severely impair data quality and deny users from giving you valuable feedback (e. g. a broader view on the problem).
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I wanted to post a small reminder that there are still a few days left to vote! :crab:

@martianfreeloader I aimed to make the survey easily accessible, which is why it’s conducted using this forum’s software. This obviously limits some usability, but I believe it’s acceptable for this type of survey.

Sure, but here you can also allow to select multiple options:

  • I want this
  • I want that
  • I want something else
  • I disagree with all the above
  • I have a completely different point to make (see comment in the discussion)
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Hey, I also intended it to be single-choice for simplicity.

The survey is single choice. Please select the option that best describes your opinion.

There can only be a single “the best”.

If you say so…

What do you need to start a fire? Clearly, there can only be a single “best” answer.

  • Fuel
  • Oxygen
  • Heat
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Sorry for trolling. :wink:

You don’t need oxygen, as you can have chlorine fires, or even carbon dioxide ones with the right materials. For example, in this thread even though what little oxygen there was has been taken out of it, the right material could still catch fire.

We didn’t start the map, it was always mapping since the world’s been spinning,
We didn’t start the map, no we didn’t map it, but we tried to enhance it.

Hello folks, The parody is effective and the point with regards to the design of the survey was communicated, but the tone of this thread is in danger of becoming acerbic. Please don’t let this happen. @NorthCrab has maintained a civil manner in this discussion. Everyone else please do the same.


If we had the ability to react with :popcorn: instead of snarky, sarcastic replies, we’d do that. Unfortunately we can’t so all we’re left with is snarky, sarcastic replies. But, thanks for helping to keep the discussion civil :slight_smile:

Thank you all for voting in the survey! :crab:

If you are interested in my analysis of it, I’ll be posting a forum thread or a diary entry on this topic in the near future. I’ll make sure to share the link in this thread, so if you follow it, you’ll receive a notification.