Norham Castle -- name not showing

I’ve been editing Norham Castle. See

The wiki tells me that the correct way to map this is:

  1. A single area for the whole of the castle, tagged with “Historic:Castle” and “Name:Norham Castle”
  2. Individual bits of building/ruin as untagged areas

The individual bits of ruin are rendered as I would expect, but the perimeter, symbol and name do not appear.

I’ve also tried this as a multipolygon; that didn’t work either. I’ve since learned that a multipolygon is not appropriate anyway, as the buildings are not holes within the whole.

Any suggestions?



I do see the name and the perimeter:

But I had to reload the page a few times at different zoom levels to get this.

That’s largely because I added tourism=attraction and made some other modifications, but rendering is slow at the moment.

Thanks for that. Was I just being impatient, or do you think adding the “tourism=attraction” made the difference? Also, I drew the perimeter with nodes shared with the adjacent road, to avoid “white space”. Could this have been part of the problem? Should I avoid shared nodes?