Noob with a dream: qualitative data mapping

Hi OSM community, I am a noob with a dream. I have been working for two years to merge ethnographic techniques with GIS and developed a method to map long-form oral histories. With my limited GIS skills I have a working pilot project at I have been wringing my hands about scaling up to hundreds of narratives (each potentially containing 50+ data polygons with a story snippet attached). There are tens of thousands of oral histories gathering dust in various archives around the world, all of which could be put to much better use if they were allowed to interact spatially. There are story-gathering projects ongoing right now which could be mapped. Any public engagement process could map the community input. Rather than invent a database with logins, memberships, overhead, etc, it would be so much more elegant to add this as some manner of plugin to OSM. I don’t understand the structure, governance, data management, or personal data policies of OSM. The layering is only documenting physical things (per the OSM wiki). This data set has the potential to expand without end, aggregating the voice of peoples on the land. Can anyone point me in the right direction for OSM development?