Noob Problem: Changing feature

I recently found out about osm.
So when I’m on the passenger seat on a road trip, I just map random things with
If there is a church on the side of the road that’s not in osm yet, I map it.
But the problem is: I don’t see the feature “church” on So I choose the closest one “monument”. Which is not totally correct but close.
Then an admin would have to review and change it or I would have to do change it later on my computer.

You guys understand my problem?
I don’t want to map things wrongly but still want to contribute on my road trips.

So how do I do this right?

There is no-one except you that is going to correct this.

I also believe that you should not mis-map and then fix later. It is OK to under-map, i.e. to add just a description tag, or better a place of worship tag, with no details of religion, but, not being familiar with, I’m not sure these are options in

Personally I’ve seen so many problems from, that I would encourage you to find an app that gives richer access to OSM.

However, if you under-map, you should use a full feature editor to add the missing details as soon as possible, as mis-mapped and partly mapped objects tend to take more years to correct than objects that are not mapped at all, as people prefer mapping new to maintaining the map.

Does allow you to set FIXME tags. If not, that would be another reason for not using it to map something that it doesn’t completely understand.

First, please understand that there are no “admins” in OSM (apart from the DWG, the server admins etc), only other mappers.

Some other mappers in your area may be sufficiently experienced and entusiastic to continually keep an eye on activity in “their area” (there are tools such as osmcha that can create rss feeds, notifications of new edits in an area), but you can’t count on this, so chances are you’ll have correct your own edits on your computer later. indeed doesn’t let you select “church”, but it will let you select “Place of Worship”, which is the base feature for church, mosque, temple etc. Not very intuitive for newbies admittedly.

Note that there other apps (such as Vespucci), that will let you map more accurately (but of course requires more experience)

You may also find OSM’s “Notes” feature useful.