Nonstandard/wrong colour designation on some paths

A few paths have the literal text for their marking colour (“black”, “green” etc) in their name.

Example 1:

Example 2:

As far as I understand, the marking colour belongs in the “colour” key; also, if using a “colour” key, the way should belong to a relation (which is, I think, the reason for making the colour a part of the name - probably the user was too lazy to create this relation).

What should I do about this? Should I ask anyone for permission to change this?

Also, is there any automated way to find ways with colour in their name? Is there any automated way to create the relations? (for JOSM or any other tool)

if you know how it should be - please feel free to change this to a proper form.

P.S. One of examples is mine and I added this as a plain text only because I had no time to learn how it should be (I should have add fixme tag here, my bad). Will be glad to see your change after to learn.

PPS, btw, one the second example, KKL map actually calls these paths with their colors, so, I’d leave color as part of the name too. IMHO, this will not harm.

The relations are described here:

The idea is that the “colour” key is too generic (can designate e.g. an actual colour of an object, or the colour of the pavement), so a relation is needed to make sure it’s the walking route that has the colour (maybe zstadler has more to say about this).

To make these relations in JOSM, I take an existing path with a colour, click on the relation it belongs to, click “Create a copy of this relation”, and change whatever is needed (just did this with the Nesher park trails). Pretty tedious; still waiting for someone to suggest a better way.

If you’ll turn on “Lonvia’s Hiking Routes” at all looks good now!


I’ve done some additional updates:

  • Paved road changed to “highway=unclassified”
  • Removed names like “Unpaved Nesher park path” and “Hanging bridge 1”

Can someone confirm that all tracks are indeed passable by 4WD vehicles and that all paths are non-passable/forbidden for 4WD vehicles?

The “black” path is actually wide unpaved road passable by regular private car.
And both green and blue are only suitable for walking. You can try to ride them with mountain bike, but on some parts you’ll need to dismount and go with bicycle on you.


The west side of the black and green trails seems to be missing.

In most cases, both ends of a marked trail are connecting to other trails or public roads.