Nominatim setup with multiple databases

Hi all,

With no issues, I’ve successfully installed Nominatim with a big European country on my infrastructure. However, when it turns to install the entire planet often happens that the indexing process fails. Sometimes this happened due to the database. Sometimes it was just a node restart on k8s that vanished within 48 hours of computation. I’ve tried to mitigate that using the “continue” flag, but still, I don’t have a working setup with the whole planet.

Long story short, I’ve talked with the sys admins, and they suggested that we partition Nominatim on different databases (let’s say one for each world region) and then combine them somehow. It’s not only to reduce the indexing time but also to have more manageable databases.

Has someone experienced this, or can you give some advice/indication or tell me not to do that? Shall we then provide each region under different urls or there’s a way to make Nominatim search on every database when a query comes?