Nominatim Planet File Import

Hello Guys,

I have installed Nominatim ( on a high spec Amazon EC2 instance and have started importing planet file. It was been going on for twelve hours and now stuck at

for the last six hours. I realised this as did a log output this is what I see

Now the process is still running.

I would like to understand what is going on at this stage. Is it going smoothly or why it is stuck? Probably it is doing something in the background without any output. So far I have seen the error or warning messages being shown

I would be grateful if someone can advise.

The log out has started again.

It looks like it is going fine now.

The setup process was halted with the same error as on this page

I have followed the instruction and started indexing, The Index process is now complete, it was done using

./utils/setup.php --index --create-search-indices

Now, what to do?