nominatim Installation, clients require internet connection?

first of all hi to all, since this is my first post :wink:

I’m not sure if this is the right forum

I installed nominatim 2.3.1 with postgres 9.4 and apache webserver as described in this article:

imported the OSM maps from Austria,

everything works perfectly and super fast, but then I tried other countries I hadn’t imported, and still it works?

I shut down my client pc internet connection, and nothing worked, not even the imported map from austria, just grey squares
the webserver performs queries in the database, I checked this, no error messages

so am I required to have an internet connection, and is it possible to turn that off?

thanks in advance


Nominatim is not a map server but a geocoding server. The map you see always comes from the server - unless you install a tile server too!

thanks a lot for the quick answer, honestly I wondered where the image rendering takes place in nominatim :slight_smile:

I try to get your wording straight so you can communicate more effectively in the OSM ecosystem in the future. Please ignore this post if it sounds too pedantic.

You imported OSM data (or “an OSM dump”), not “maps”. Maps are images of something. You didn’t import an image to your database :wink:

There may be confusion on what exactly “works”, and how.

What you mean (probably) is that you both can view a map and can geocode addresses.

“nothing works” may be a misunderstanding: you do not see a map, because map tiles are not accessible, because you have no internet connection. But the geocoding part of nominatim should still work.