Nom local - Lokalname - Lieu-dit


I’m just wondering if there is any consensus on how to map local name in Switzerland?
I’m not sure how to name actually those place, but it’s how swisstopo called them.

Here are two random examples from Swisstopo in the same area:

Les Aglanta
Bas du Trait

Based on the wiki, I would have chosen place=locality for the first one as there is no population and no other tag seem to match. As for the second, I’m not sure. It’s in between settlement and doesn’t really encompass one. So maybe place=locality as well?

Is there any specific documentation for Switzerland?

Thanks in advance

Hi, starting at the end, we have some Switzerland specific tagging documented here but as you can see it currently doesn’t contain any guidance on the subject. I would simply check the GWR data if there are actually any addresses that use in in addr:place or addr:city, if not, place locality is fine (but on the other hand, except if these are well known places for whatever reason, there is not much utility in mapping them).

GWR address data can be found here, though checking in likely all you need to do.

Then, please do not use data from swisstopo, their terms are currently not compatible with OSM, see and more important, at least in German speaking Switzerland they have the tendency to be rather creative with such names, and are some times simply wrong. SO if these are places you know yourself, or can determine from a legit source, place=locality is likely OK.

3rd, the only reason I responded here is that I receive a message when a new topic is created, outside of that the forum is really unused. You can reach a wider community on the mailing list or on IRC and matrix


Thanks for everything.

I didn’t know that those kinds of place are also available in GWR (I mean, I’ve never noticed).

Yep, I’ve read all your notes and reply on that subject (I actually should thank you for all the work).

I also knew for the mailing list, but personally, I feel it’s just not easy to use (especially if your only want to check from time to time). However, I have high hope actually on mailman v3 - hyperkitty: which make thing more enjoyable and easy to use. Maybe with that at some point, the communication will be more centralised? :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway

The “problem” with is that it is neither operated by the OSMF or by SOSM (long story), as a result it currently isn’t possible to change anything. In any case I would suggest simply using a mail reader that supports threads, for example Thunderbird, that should make things easier.